Statistics show that if a structure is burglarized, it may well be targeted again in 6 months. This is the time it usually takes to deal with insurance and replace the stolen merchandise.

- Mississippi’s crime rank is 27th in the United States  
- Mississippi’s safety rank is 15th in the United States

    - There were 8,502 violent crimes in Mississippi in 2007
  • - There were 27,959 burglaries
  • - There were 2,866 robberies
  • - There were 1,040 forcible rapes
  • - There were 4,388 cases of aggravated assault
  • - There were 208 cases of murder/manslaughter



Each security system from Brown Security is custom designed for your home or business. Read below for more details.

Many children are at home while their parents are at work.  Are they safe?  What about fire? A stranger at the door?  Do you have documents or pictures of your family that you could never replace?  Heirloom antiques or book collections you consider special?  Brown Security Systems gives you an added sense of safety knowing there will be an immediate response should there be any problem. It allows you to leave home and know that should something happen while they are away the authorities will be notified immediately.  This will deter would-be burglars and hopefully save your home and keepsakes should there ever be a fire.  Since the smoke alarms are active at all times, whether the system is armed or not, you are never without that protection.  If you have a non-monitored smoke alarm, you are at the mercy of someone being home to hear it and calling for the fire department.   
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A security system gives business owners the ability to not only have burglar and fire protection, they can also monitor who arms and disarms the system each day, what time they enter and when they leave.  If a camera system has been included, business owners/managers are able to see what is going on in areas inside and/or outside the building.  All of this cuts down on crime from outside the company and with employee theft which is a major cause of retail loss.  It also provides proof for the authorities should there be an occasion when you need to prove a theft; and can be very useful when training employees.
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Many industrial sites have a need to monitor temperature, moisture and access controls.  We install everything necessary to do this.  We set up camera systems that monitor remote locations and can be viewed on line.  This gives owners/managers the ability to be seeing what’s going on even when they are not on the actual job site thus helping to cut down on employee theft, accident situations and providing damage control. Cameras also reduce the need for as many employees since 1 person can monitor multiple situations.
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Building a new home, office or business? Bring us your blueprints and we will go over them with you and tell you the best system for your floor plan and square footage. It is easier to plan your system at the beginning of your construction project than to start after walls and sheet rock have been put up.

Elderly and handicapped persons are living independently for longer periods of time than ever before. A Medic Alert is a way for them, or any homebound person, to summons help immediately in an emergency situation.  Most women choose the pendant, while men prefer the wrist watch.  It allows freedom to move about the home and yard up to 200’ from the house, depending on the conditions. So enjoying the flower beds and walking to the mail box are not out of the question! To have the monitoring service contacted, all the person needs to do is push the button on the device.  It acts like any other alarm by seizing the phone line and contacting SentryNet.  When received there, the instructions you have given are followed explicitly; whether it is to notify a family member, friend or the authorities.  Help them keep their quality and way of life easier with the installation of a medic or panic alert. 

Many insurance companies give a discount of 10 – 15% for having a monitored system with both fire and burglary. Contact Brown Security Systems today at 601-833-2900 or email us to learn how to have a security system installed.